In May and June of 2007, 13 undergraduate students from Northern Michigan University are taking a field course in Zambia. Most of the students are majors in the Biology department, and all of them will be doing short field studies of their own design while on the ground in Zambia. The group will be making a stop in London on the way, spending four days seeing Zambia/Africa-related British sites (Burton's tomb, Livingstone's artefacts at the Royal Geographic Society, the British Museum of Natural History, etc.) and adjusting to the time change. The course is being led by me, Dr. Alec Lindsay, a professor in the Department of Biology at NMU, and Dr. Jackie Bird - a parasitologist in our department. We have made this blog so students can hopefully post notes thoughts, pictures and discoveries to the world. This should allow classmates, teachers, family and friends to share in their insights and keep track of their travels. Not only that, but viewers of the blog can add comments to posts - please do! We would love to hear your thoughts. Zikomo!

24 May 2007

To Wells Township School:

Woke up at 07:00 and got ready for Victoria Falls.

Arrived at about 11:00.

I helped Anne Scott observe grooming behavior in a troop of Erythrocebus patas.
We also saw many Papio cynocephalus.

We met back at the bus to leave at around 16:00

Yesterday I bought 6 items at the curio shop for 100,000 kwacha.

Tomorrow we travel back to the Capitol of Zambia.

If you aren't sure of any of this info, I suggest you look it up ;D

Be good and study hard!

Annie (and Jessica)

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Wells Township School said...

Hi Annie,

How cool that you saw a patas monkey and a yellow savanna baboon! We wonder what you bought for $24.81...? Especially since you bought 6 items. Hmmm...about $4 each.
By now you should be back in Lusaka. It is 14:35 here now, so it must be 20:35 there.
How did we do with our research? :) Give us an update when you get a chance.

6th/7th/8th graders...soon to be 7th/8th/9th graders!!!!!!